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Why you should own a dollar store today.

Right now is the best time to start a dollar store as the majority of shoppers are seeking the best possible value for their budgets. Shoppers have migrated from the large grocery chains for everything other than perishable items like milk, meat and eggs. Dollar stores sit in prime position to provide great every day items such as national brand cleaning products, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, personal grooming items like soap, hair products and many other personal items. In a recent Supermarket News survey one respondant reported that "Dollar stores are capturing paper products and cleaning products away from supermarkets, especially in small markets." Snack and food items are also extremely popular at the dollar price point. Balloons, toys, holiday decorations, reading glasses and other popular ancillary items are also a large factor in the popularity of dollar stores.

2020 Open A Dollar Store with Dollar Store Services at
2020 Open A Dollar Store with Dollar Store Services at
2020 Open A Dollar Store with Dollar Store Services at
2020 Open A Dollar Store with Dollar Store Services at

2020 Open A Dollar Store with Dollar Store Services at
2020 Open A Dollar Store with Dollar Store Services at
2020 Open A Dollar Store with Dollar Store Services at
2020 Open A Dollar Store with Dollar Store Services at

Our Dollar Store concept gives you the look and feel of a large franchise, while leaving you in total control of your own business. Dollar Store Services does not charge royalty fees, or restrict your business like other franchise opportunities. Our turn key businesses deliver a fully stocked and ready-to-open store with the life time support of our company.

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Taking Advantage of the Dollar Store Economy

The fact is that dollar stores are in huge demand today as is evidenced by the dramatic stock price increases for the large corporate owned dollar store chains such as Dollar Tree, Dollar General,Family Dollar and 99 cents only. During a time where most companies are looking for a corner to hide in on Wall Street the dollar store giants continue to outperform expectations by wide margins. The success of these industry leaders is also translating into the development of independent dollar stores which are springing up all over the country as entrepreneurs are joining the burgeoning industry.

How do I open a dollar store with the assistance of Dollar Store Services?

The first step.

To get started on the development of your new store, simply fill out an online application or contact one of our National Development Directors directly. Each one of our clients is assigned a Development Director who remains available to you throughout your store project. They are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

Fill out the application!

Securing Business Financing

After you have done the initial planning with your National Development Director, you will be assigned a Business Funding Advisor to help secure the necessary financing for your business. Because every client's financial situation is a little different, we offer a variety of different funding types. Not sure if you can qualify for funding? We have helped many people qualify through our free credit repair services and special financing programs. There is no risk to find out if you qualify for financing.

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Finding A Suitable Retail Space

Finding the right business location is a critical factor in determining the success of a business. Our Real Estate site location team analyzes every potential space in your market area using industry-leading, commercial real estate tools. They provide a complete demographic study, comprehensive traffic count studies, analyze nearby competition, and ultimately identify the best available spaces in your local area.

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Negotiating a Retail Lease

Our knowledge and experience in commercial lease negotiation protects you from the clauses that will cost you money. We negotiate from a checklist of 17 important provisions on every lease package, which can save tens of thousands of dollars via special terms and a lower rent than is obtainable by an inexperienced new owner.

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Building Out Your Store

Dollar Store Services has built thousands of stores. When your site is ready to go, a Build Out Supervisor travels to your location to personally manage the project and the labor team. We provide all the labor, fixtures, and services to build your store - and then hand you the keys.

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Global Merchandise Network

Dollar Store Services has a global network of merchandisers and also maintains our own import warehouse. We have buying power based on volume - and negotiate the best possible prices for all of our stores and network members. Our buyers hand-select merchandise for quality and profitability - and recommend the highest-performing products for you to stock.

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Training and Ongoing Support

Every aspect of successful store operation - from ordering and merchandising inventory to store promotion and personnel supervision - is fully covered in the Dollar Store Services training. Training via phone and internet or in attendance at our Las Vegas corporate facility is tailored to fit each owner's schedule. And the training is available for the life of the store.

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Have Questions? Join our free teleseminar.

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Your Turn-Key Solution

"With a starting price of $87,900, you will receive everything you need to open your store, have all work performed by seasoned professionals, and never pay fees or royalties!"

Your complete turn-key package includes all the services outlined in this brochure as well as fixtures, equipment, signage, supplies and merchandise required to get your new store open. We build out your store space and prepare the store for opening so that when we have completed our work you are in business. We do not provide construction or carpeting but through the lease negotiation process we can often have the landlord provide these items, if necessary.

This incredible level of comprehensive long-term support and service is usually found only within large franchise organizations that charge huge fees and royalties.

The Advantages of Independence

Potential entrepreneurs often regard a franchise as a comforting security blanket to have: a ready support network to answer questions, help them through issues, and supply them with goods and services. In reality, a franchise offers a higher store package price, regulations, fees, contractual obligations, extreme oversight, and loss of control - often completely overriding the entrepreneurial spirit that drove the franchisee to want to open a store. Dollar Store Services offers everything to the store owner that a franchise does - and much more - without the extra obligations that eat into a store's profits.

Bottom Line: You Are The Boss

A Dollar Store Services Owner makes 100% of the final decisions for their own business and keeps 100% of the profit. They maintain full control throughout the entire process and in all decision-making. The role of Dollar Store Services is to provide all the counseling, service and support necessary - our owners need never feel alone.

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